Section One

Unit Components


  1. Duct Clamp
  2. 30’ Duct
  3. Condensate Tank
  4. On/Off Switch
  5. High Low Switch
  1. Fan/Cool Switch
  2. Handle
  3. Hot Air Exhaust
  4. 8” Wheel

Section Two


The KwiKool AtticMaster is designed to move conditioned air up to 90’ into a hot ambient environment in order to provide spot cooling. The duct opening must be placed within 5’ of the person being cooled for effective use. The specially made insulated duct is guaranteed not to form condensation on the outside of the duct. The outside duct covering has air holes, which allow it to be easily compressed back into its carry bag.

Section Three

Quick Start Procedure

  1. Select Location of System - Make sure all sides of unit are not blocked to avoid restricted air flow.
  2. Remove duct from bag - Attach duct clamp to the ring on top of the unit, making sure the clamp is tight and run eyelets into the ring.
  3. Attaching extra 30’ length of duct - Squeeze duct end loop and insert into first duct end loop. A maximum of three 30’ lengths of duct can be used for a total maximum length of 90’. At least one 30’ length must be connected to the unit for proper back pressure.
  4. Outlet - Only use a dedicated 115 Volt / 15 Amp circuit, such as the outlet for a washing machine.

Section Four

Operating Procedure

  1. The AtticMaster controls are located on the top right side on the front of the unit. There are 3 switches (See Unit Components):
    1. On/Off Switch - 2-position switch, turns unit on or off.
    2. Fan/Cool Switch - 2-position switch, turns unit fan only on or fan with compressor on.
    3. Low/High Switch - 2-position switch, turns the fan from low speed for use with a 30’ duct or high for use with a 60’/90’ duct.
  2. Condensate tank with a float switch is located in the front lower compartment of the unit. When the tank is full a beeping alarm will sound. When removing the tank, unplug the float jack. When replacing the tank make sure that the drain line is in the tank and the float jack is plugged in.

Section Five

Important Notes

  1. Always keep the unit in an upright position, do not lay down. If the unit is laid down, the unit must be placed upright and not turned on for at least 4 hours, or compressor damage may occur, due to compressor oil displacement.
  2. Filters should be changed as needed or at least once every 2 months. Remove filter from slot on top of unit by turning the 2 latch screws. The filter size is 12” x 12” x 1” (LxWxD)
  3. If the air flow is blocked from the intake or exhaust grills the unit will go into alarm, due to high pressure on the compressor. Press the High Pressure reset button on the back of the unit, which will clear the alarm.

Call 1-800-KWIKOOL (800-594-5665) for Service or Questions

Section Six

Changing The Filter

KwiKool Attic Master Systems have a washable and re-useable filter. This filter should be removed and cleaned periodically. When the system is not in operation, with the power disconnected, Remove the filter by loosening the 2 fasteners shown.

Thank Pull the filter up.

And out – Clean the filter by rinsing it with water or blow it out using a compressed gas. Allow the filter to dry completely before re-installing it. Do not use excessive pressure when cleaning.